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September 27, 2017- 6:00 pm
HOA Board of Directors Meeting
Rockledge City Hall
Updates and Communications from the 
Board of Directors of your Home Owners Association 

Gates are now repaired and functional and effective Monday, 2/26/2018, will be open M-Sat., from 7 AM - 7 PM until roofers and/or DR Horton have finished their repairs/construction work. 

Roof repairs will resume this week. Please check back here after Monday, 2/26, for building numbers.

There will be a fire/ sprinkler inspection on Thursday, 2/8/2018. EACH UNIT NEEDS TO BE INSPECTED and so, you need to make arrangements for this. There will be alarms set off that may distress your animals/pets, so please consider this when making your access arrangements. Also note, that this inspection is critical for the safety of all who own and/or live here. We cannot stress the importance of access for this inspection strongly enough. PLEASE cooperate and arrange for access on 2/8/2018.

GOOD NEWS: The roofers are waiting for supplies, but believe they will be able to start roof repairs on Wednesday or Thursday (1/10-1/11) at the latest, in order of established priority, (worst first, etc with #4087 the first)  Our engineer was great and onsite last week.  You will be receiving a notice re: the assessment this week.  The amount of $2250.00 may be paid in part by your insurance carrier and any balance may be paid after that, in six installments if needed.

1/1/2018 Board of Director's Meeting
As you were notified, Jameson held an HOA BOD meeting on 12/29/17 and we appreciate the good turnout!
To keep you updated, please note the following:
The budget, in the format you were mailed, was approved by the BOD, with the understanding that there will be a revised budget forthcoming from Keys Enterprises, our current management company, by 4/1/2018. There will also be a letter formulated, before that time, giving you the exact amount of the assessment you will be required to pay (currently thinking $2,000. - $2500.00). This particular letter is needed for your submission to your individual insurance carriers (under the HO6 rule).
Your HOA fees effective 1/1/2018 are $188.39 and should continue to be remitted as in the past. If you have already sent your January HOA fee in the prior amount of $157.25, please just include the difference owed ($31.14) in your February remittance. You will NOT be penalized a late fee for this late submission of your January, 2018 shortage, if paid with the February remittance. New payment booklets will be forthcoming when the April 1, 2018 budget revision is completed since we anticipate the need to increase the HOA fees further in order to correctly fund our reserves, the insurance deductibles and re-pay the loan for the roofs. NOTE: Said reserves were allegedly never funded properly by DR Horton or at the turn over to the HOA, so we are diligently working to rectify this. 
Your volunteer Board members (all of whom are still employed ), and Keys Enterprises, are working daily to take care of the reserves, the budget, the loan, the roofs and other repairs, as well as the day-to-day running of our Jameson Community. PLEASE be so kind as to allow 24-48 hours for any of us to respond to your telephone calls or emails, if not emergent.

Gates Update:  The gate company has removed the broken gate and is in the process of fabricating the replacement pieces needed.Thank you for your patience, but we are at the mercy of the gate fabricator at this point as the gates are custom-made. We have been leaving the incoming gate open at all times because people have had some near-misses with impatient drivers rushing INTO the complex via the outbound driveway/missing gate.

Garbage Issues: The Board is also working out the best way to increase janitorial services from Team Condo to deal with the increasing number of residents. It is, however, problematic that some residents ignore the rules for properly disposing of their trash, recyclables and other waste products. Team Condo, Chris, actually had a resident throw kitchen/food garbage into the recycle area, while he was standing there! We will be replacing the antiquated dumpster and Team Condo is now scheduled to immediately clean under and around the dumpster each time it is removed and emptied. Please help us keep our community clean and attractive - Jameson is our home and our investment.

Meet and Greet: We will be having a meet and greet with KEYS management, Team Condo and your Board, after the beginning of the new year

Board of Director changes pending the 12/29/2017 Board of Directors meeting. 
Acting President: Dee Nichilo
Secretary: Ann Marie Riordan
Members-at-Large: Chris Sullivan and Greg Hyder

GOOD NEWS: The building permits have been approved and repair work will begin right after 1/2/2018. We will need your assessments to augment/pay the loan + insurance claim payment, as stipulated in the letter you were just sent by KEYS, our current Property Management Company. Hope to see you at the 12/29/17 BOD meeting!

HOA Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, 12/12/2017, 6:30 PM at Rockledge City Hall
IMPERATIVE everyone attend to discuss roof repairs, etc.

The circulating pump motor on the pool has been replaced and the pool is now open and safe for use.

Transformer explosion at building 4087 knocked out all of their power from 9 PM - almost 4 AM (Saturday, 11/25- Sunday, 11/26), Rockledge Police and Fire and FPL responded. Dee handled all of the phone calls and Romi and Ann Marie met the FPL workers. Romi was kind enough to stay with the FPL workers throughout the repair.

We will be decorating Jameson's gate area on Sunday, 11/26/17 at 5 PM, serving hot chocolate and enjoying Holiday music. ALL residents are invited to help decorate and/or just enjoy each other, the music and the hot chocolate! 
Your HOA Board

11/4/2017 Saturday
Todd, from Rhyner Roofing, in the company of Dee Nichilo, is directing the process of replacing the tarps that had to be removed at the insistence of our insurance adjuster and his engineer on 10/31 and 11/1. The good news is that the new tarp material is stronger than the original. We are still awaiting the final report and insurance amounts.