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Calendar of Events

September 27, 2017- 6:00 pm
HOA Board of Directors Meeting
Rockledge City Hall
Updates and Communications from the 
Board of Directors of your Home Owners Association 

HOA Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, 12/12/2017, 6:30 PM at Rockledge City Hall
IMPERATIVE everyone attend to discuss roof repairs, etc.

The circulating pump motor on the pool has been replaced and the pool is now open and safe for use.

Transformer explosion at building 4087 knocked out all of their power from 9 PM - almost 4 AM (Saturday, 11/25- Sunday, 11/26), Rockledge Police and Fire and FPL responded. Dee handled all of the phone calls and Romi and Ann Marie met the FPL workers. Romi was kind enough to stay with the FPL workers throughout the repair.

We will be decorating Jameson's gate area on Sunday, 11/26/17 at 5 PM, serving hot chocolate and enjoying Holiday music. ALL residents are invited to help decorate and/or just enjoy each other, the music and the hot chocolate! 
Your HOA Board

11/4/2017 Saturday
Todd, from Rhyner Roofing, in the company of Dee Nichilo, is directing the process of replacing the tarps that had to be removed at the insistence of our insurance adjuster and his engineer on 10/31 and 11/1. The good news is that the new tarp material is stronger than the original. We are still awaiting the final report and insurance amounts.

   We are currently awaiting the final determination of the insurance adjuster, who will be on site again, in the company of an engineer and the roofer, presumably 10/31-11/2/17.
   We are installing new Doggie Stations, but we will be without them for a few days due to the necessary preparatory work (removal of the old ones [cutting bolts, etc.] sanding and re-painting the permanent posts) and final installation of the new baskets with stainless steel bolts. PLEASE, during the few days without the stations/baskets in place, continue to collect your animal waste and dispose of it in your home.
   The Gates await the parts, which appear to be in short supply. We are, however investigating another supplier to see if the parts can be procured faster than our current gate service company indicates.
    Please be assured, that your Board is walking this testing journey with you and that we are doing the best we can for you. This hurricane has brought out the worst and the best in people and we, as volunteers, are striving to assist our Community, with the best available resources as economically as possible. We cannot push timetables, however, since the entire State was affected, and we are at the mercy of the overwhelming numbers being serviced by the insurance companies, roofers, and other trades people.
Ann Marie Riordan, Sec’y Jameson HOA Board of Directors

10/11/2017 Update
Brevard County Emergency Management said Palm Bay and Rockledge residents may resume normal sewer usage. Others continue to conserve.

​10/7/2017 Update
There is now a,” boil water notice,” in effect for Brevard County until further notice. Please heed the warning and keep up with the County notices. Be safe!

SPECTRUM CABLE- Due to high water levels, Jameson and neighboring communities are having Spectrum t.v. issues (pixelating and going to a black screen). The techs are working on Jameson today (Saturday) to resolve these issues. They may be able to resolve within 24 hours, if not more widespread issue with their, “ hub.” If the problem is with their, "hub,” we have been advised it could take up to three days. If you call, after repaired, they may give you credit for this issue.

REZONING- There is a proposal to rezone Jameson Place out of the Manatee school zone while Chelsea Park which is further away get to stay in. I'm very concerned for our property value as the new school is a B school while Manatee is an A, nationally recognized, blue ribbon school. Our local school board member also disagrees with the change and wants to help: Matt Susin at (321) 917-4780. 

There is a meeting to discuss the change Oct. 17 at 5:30 at Williams Elementary and a survey people can give their input. Please help us give our children a quality education and, save our property value.


10/6/2017 Update
Please continue to comply with water restrictions as per Brevard County notices. Water is drinkable, but needs to be restricted due to the continuing torrential rains.

10/5/2017 Update
The insurance adjuster will be here Thursday, 10/5 - Friday, 9AM-5PM. He will NOT return for an individual unit! If he cannot access your unit on Thursday or Friday, to assess your damages from Hurricane Irma, he has advised us he/our HOA insurance carrier does not have to cover said damages. Please make arrangements to allow access to your unit.

10/4/2017 Update
As previously posted, the Adjuster has delayed his appearance at Jameson until Thursday.
Dee Nichilo and I (Ann Marie) are attempting to speak with all residents who have complained about leaks, so we may have the adjuster visit their premises. Unfortunately, we do not have current or in some instances any, telephone numbers for many of you! PLEASE contact Dee immediately with a good telephone number so we may see to your insurance assessments.

10/3/2017 Update
The roofer brought to our attention that some of the first and second units may experience a problem with mold due to the water leaks having infiltrated the insulation. 

If you are experiencing this issue, i.e., mold, please notify Dee Nichilo, via the contact page and she will notify the insurance adjuster. If needed, you may be temporarily re-located to a hotel. The adjuster will remain onsite for as many days as needed to assess all of the units that suffered any damage. However, he may not get here until Thursday.

10/1/2017 Update
The HOA insurance adjuster will not be arriving until Wednesday, 10/4/17 or Thursday and should be here for two days, as previously expected. If you were given a time frame/window, for Monday and Tuesday, he may be able to stick to those same windows, but we're not sure yet due to his changing the date of his arrival. Dee is making every effort to help with this adjuster's visit and time frames and may be texting or calling you directly. Thank you for your patience.

The roofer will be on site again tomorrow, Monday, 10/2, to tarp or "re-tarp," any areas that leaked today (Sunday), due to the torrential rain.

We received Brevard County emergency notifications this evening that requested we minimize water usage: Due to excessive rain, please limit sewer usage. Water is safe to drink, however, do not wash clothes, take showers,/baths, and limit toilet flushing.
Please use common sense and heed notifications you may receive directly from Brevard County as well.