This list of questions and answers stems from the hundreds of questions or concerns brought to the Board of Directors or Dragon Property Management from owners, tenants, or the real estate community over the past few years. We hope to provide clarity for many of the owners or tenants that have received incorrect information in the past from other owners, the developer, neighbors, or real estate agents. 

Amenities and Fees

1. How do I get a gate key for the pool? What time does it open and close?
Pool times- Summer hours: May 1-October 31, 7am- 9pm Winter hours: November 1- April 30, 7am- 7pm
Contact the property management company at 321-784-8011 ext 212 to receive a gate key. Replacement or an extra key will be charged $100/key

2. How do I pay my homeowners dues?
Homeowners receive a coupon book for the fiscal year. You can auto-pay from your bank, mail the check and coupon to the bank (address label in coupon booklet) or mail directly to management. Contact property management at 321-784-8011 ext 212 for additional information. Currently, assessments are $157.25/month.

3. If I own a dog, am I required to pick up his/her stool? Am I responsible for picking up bags to do so?
Yes, County ordinance Sec. 14-59 requires that residents properly dispose of their animal's feces. (Not doing so, can lead to the spread of diseases.) Violators face a fine of $65 per violation. Residents may use any of the five doggy stations in the complex that are stocked with bags for this purpose. 

4. Do I have to walk my dog on a leash? 
Yes, it is a Florida law that animals must remain on a leash for the safety of residents, guests, and pets.

5. Does Jameson Place allow all types of dogs?
No, Jameson Place does not allow any dogs that are deemed aggressive such as: pit-bull (of any sort), Mastiffs, Presa Canario, and any cross breed of such breeds. See the Declaration of Covenants for details.  

6. Is there a limit on the amount of pets allowed?
Yes, residents may have up to two pets. (2 cats, 2 dogs, or 1 cat and 1 dog)

7. Can I use my garage for storage or recreational use?
NO. Garages should be used for parking personal vehicles only. If you own a second vehicle, it should be parked in the resident’s driveway.

8. Can I park a boat, jet ski, or trailer in the complex?
No trailers, boats, motorhomes, etc. are permitted in the complex.

9. Where is it okay to park?
Garages and driveways should be utilized first. If a resident has a third vehicle or visitors, they may use open parking. (See below for areas designated as “open parking.”) Under no circumstances is it okay to park in/on the grass. If a vehicle is parked anywhere other than the owner's garage, driveway or designated open parking, that vehicle will be ticketed. The first two violations will result in a written warning. As result of a third violation, the vehicle will be subject to towing at the owner’s expense. 

Open parking includes: 
*Designated parking spaces located throughout the community.
*Three spaces at the dead end next to building #4097.
*Along the fence across from building #4097 as long as the vehicle is not impeding residents in that building from backing out of their driveways or parked beyond the stop sign.
*Three 5-minute parking spots from 10pm-6am only. 

10. If I am parked illegally and am towed, who is responsible for the cost of the tow?
Ample warnings will be given before a vehicle is towed. If there is failure to comply with the parking regulations the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.  

11. Is anyone allowed to attend the Board meetings?
Yes, any member of the community is welcome to attend and speak at Board meetings. However, only owners have the ability to vote.

12. Gate access- Gate access is limited to owners and properly registered tenants. If you are having issues with openers or codes after replacing your clicker battery please contact the property management company at 321-784-8011 ext 212.

Maintenance Responsibilities

1. What trash services are available?
In the Recycling Room, behind the dumpster, there are bins for recycling plastic, paper, cans, etc. If disposing of cardboard boxes, please break them down and place in the Recycling Room.

2. Who is responsible for street light bulb replacement?
FPL will replace street lights. Please contact them with the appropriate street light pole number. 

3. Who is responsible for insurance? 
Each owner should purchase condo insurance that covers the interior structure and finishes of your unit. The Jameson Place HOA only covers the exterior of buildings, pool, playground, and pavilion property insurance. 

4. Who is responsible for the road and sidewalk in the association? 
The roads and sidewalks are owned and maintained by Jameson Place. 

5. Can I make changes to the outside of my unit?
Any changes to the outside of your unit needs to be approved by the Board. Please contact the property management company for instructions at 321-784-8011 ext 212.


1. Can Jameson Place HOA quickly force owners to comply with the covenants? 
Covenant enforcement should be viewed as a lengthy process for persons that do not voluntarily correct the issue. The association has to follow a series of steps, to include: notices of violations than engage in costly legal work that is born up front by the association. This is an economic decision for the Board of Directors who decide “at what cost is enforcement worth pursuing?” on an individual basis.

2. What should I do if I receive a covenant enforcement violation letter? 
Please address the item listed on the letter immediately and return the response sheet to the property management company. For instructions call 321-784-8011 ext 212. If you are a Landlord or “snowbird” we suggest you find someone to address items in your absence. 

3. Is the Jameson Place HOA responsible for domestic conflicts between different owners or tenants? 
Generally, this is best handled by the police for cases where threats have been made, as they have the power behind the law. 

4. I have a commercial vehicle. Is that allowed?
No commercial vehicles are permitted. 

5. Can I put a “for sale” or “for rent” sign on my property?
No signage allowed.

6. Is the Jameson Place HOA responsible for evicting tenants that do not follow the rules?
The Jameson Place HOA has the power to evict a tenant and may pursue that action if violations are serious. The unit owner will be assessed the costs associated with the eviction. 

7. Should the Property Management Company and the Board deal with my tenants if they have issues with my tenants following the rules, need assistance with pool access, or have concerns? 
The property management company and the Board have a covenant with the owner of each property and Florida Statutes require communication with the owners. Owners that lease their homes need to act as the landlord and provide a conduit for information with the tenants as the HOA sends legal notices or information to the owner’s address of record. In other words, if you receive a notice from the association, you as the owner should act upon it rather than assume your tenant has received it. Owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their guests, tenants, and visitors.

8. Is the Jameson Place HOA is responsible for communicating to the real estate community which homes are for sale or in foreclosure? 
The association is not tasked with this duty and bears no responsibility for the information.

9. Does the Property Management Company make decisions for the community? 
The property management company is the administrative arm of the Board of Directors. They follow the orders of the Board or policies set in place by the Board of Directors. The property management company does not have any governing authority over community processes.

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